Friday, February 8, 2013

10 Tips to Stay Safe on Snow and Icy Pavement

Uh excuse me Mr. Nemo, care to comment on the blizzard named Nemo that threatens to shut down New York Fashion Week?

Snow has begun to blanket the region, with weather models predicting up to 16 inches, 45 mph wind gusts and zero-visibility whiteout conditions Friday into Saturday. Blizzard warnings are popping up everywhere!!!

Basically, this storm is going to wallop the North East, and the latest forecast information indicates that New York City and Westchester County will get the worst of it. Use caution when venturing outside. Remember, downed power lines could be hidden under limbs, debris, and snow and there is no way to tell if a line is energized. If you see downed or sagging power lines, or other damaged electrical equipment, stay far away. Notify authorities as soon as possible. Avoid driving in whiteout conditions and remember wet pavement could be black ice!

10 Tips to Stay Safe on Wet Snowy Pavement  (Courtesy of  Liberty Mutual Insurance)

  1.  Slow down! Your momentum on ice works against you.
  2.  Stay Alert if ice begins forming on windshield or side mirrors chances are the roads are icy.
  3.  Remember that bridges, overpasses, shady areas, and passing lanes ice up first.
  4.  Get off icy roads as soon as safely possible, pull over ONLY if you can get well off the traveled part of the road.
  5.  Before you hit ice, put your car in a lower gear for more control and to take advantage of engine breaking.
  6.  Four wheel and all wheel drive don't help on black ice.
  7.  Maintain more space than usual between your car and those around you If you start sliding, don't make any quick movements, as over correcting can make it worse.
  8.  In a slide, don't brake suddenly. Instead reduce your speed by taking the foot off the accelerator.
  9.  As you regain traction, steer gently in the direction you want to go, keeping your car moving forward.
  10.  Turn your lights on to increase visibility to other motorist
 Stay Safe out There!

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