Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Really? $3000 For a Stroller? Huh?! STOP IT NOW!!!

I was just chatting with my mom and she asked me if I saw the stroller that looks just like M's with the exception that it costs $3000.  WTF?!  Now I'm a gal that likes nice things...really nice things. But c'mon.  Really?

This stroller is a collaboration between James Bond's car of choice, Aston Martin and Silver Cross (upscale stroller company).  Will this stroller become a hover craft, nope. Is it motorized or self propelled? Not even.  It does have a handy cup holder, sunshade, and foot muff!  The frame is magnesium (poison instantly popped into my head for whatever reason)  and the wheels are alloy.  Oh and it has the same leather that's in Aston Martins and performance fabric.  -_-  Whatever the heck that is.  LOL.  I got a bassinet, infant car seat, and stroller that my 36lb kid can still sit comfortably in for 25% of the cost! Oh and mufflers for the car seat and stroller. (Sticking my tongue out)

Only 800 strollers are being created and you will get a certificate of authenticity that IMO says congrats dumb ass for wasting three grand on a stroller that you will if you're lucky get 4years of use out of... Daily we hear disheartening news about the economy that has made many take a long hard look at their finances.  This stroller that is no nicer than my M's (see here).

This stroller has made that little voice in my head that says learn to live with less even more resounding (note to self: write a post about living with less).  Oprah wrote in here What I Know For Sure column, "Having the best things is no substitute for having the best life"  So know that when you see the person that bought one of the eight-hundred of these things please give them the side eye and SMH for me.

Maxi Cosi Happy Feet
Quinny Bassinet
Quinny Buzz
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