Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Retail Finessing: Our Newest Affiliate BonLook Eyewear

Hey Finesses!  My Finessed Life is please to announce our newest affiliate BonLook.  BonLook is an online prescription eyewear and sunglasses company that sells FASHIONABLE eye wear for only $99!  That's right I said $99!!!!  These glasses have been spotted on Beyonce, Brad Pitt, The Bieber, JT, and many other celebrities.


BonLook was founded by Sophie and Melanie, two women determined to offer stylish, high-quality and affordable eye wear to beautiful people like you! Sophie and Melanie state that they "never understood why glasses should be as expensive as a computer or a trip to Vegas (no joke!)".   Sophie and Melanie realized that people would love to own multiple pairs. Therefore, hey began designing and selling eye wear based on the simple notion that one should see well, look good and not spend a ton of money to achieve this.
Are you looking for sunnies and/or need a new pair of glasses?  Then look no further.  Just click the link below.  While you are there, check out the virtual glasses try on app, just like trying glasses on at those other places. Currently they offering $25 Off Square Eyewear$25 OFF Sunglasses for Womencurrent sale selection, oh did I mention that they have glasses for eyeglasses frames for kids?!
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