Saturday, May 4, 2013

Comfort Zones

Hey Finesses!  Is it considered an oxymoron to be a go getter that lives in a comfort zone?  If so that would be me. I'm a calculated risk taker.  So one must ask is it really a risk if I thought it out?  Well my girl Joi overr at has challenged me to to leap so far off my square, I may  not find my way back.  So here's the deal.  She has challenged me to a 7 day blogginh task that is nothing like what I've done before.  Check it out:

7 Day Challenge Questions
#'s 1-5 are all a problem for me.  I have no clue about them..... Let's see what I come up with stayed tuned.  Here's the info you are a fellow blogger and want to participate.
PFL Mimi Blog Challenge
Click Here to Join the Party

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  1. So awesome of you to do a S/O post! Thanks my dear! I'm looking forward to the challenge myself, lol!

  2. ;-) Looking forward to the challenge!