Friday, May 24, 2013

DIY How to Stud a Pair of Converse

Hey Finessees! It's Day 5 of this mini blog challenge and Joi is really pushing the envelope today with asking us to do a DIY.  While I am the crafty creative type, I haven't had time to do any DIY's .  However, here is one that I've been wanting to do for longer than I care to admit.  Life and work often get in the way.


1 Pair Converse – any style

Multiple packs of studs (quantity depends how you would like to stud the sneakers)
1 Leather hole puncher (available for purchase @ M&J)
1 Ruler
1 Pen or fine point marker

Figure out the stud pattern.  

Using your ruler and marker, carefully make equally spaced marks on the shoe, marking where you would like to place the studs.

Now that you’ve determined the exact placement of the studs, it is time to start punching. Leather punchers make diffferent sized holes. I recommend testing on a separate fabric to see which size hole will fit your specific studs. After you have this figured out start punching holes in the spots you marked.

Once you have all your holes punched, start placing your spike.  If you use the spikes from the above link they are easy to use and no plier needed...just screw in place.  Now you have an oh so FINESSED pair of studded sneakers.

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    1. Me too girl, the shinier the better! My daughter the same way.

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    1. Hey Hannah welcome. I am loving the bikinis that you have featured on your site.