Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion Friday: Statement Jewelry

Nothing says POW like statement jewelry.  This trend emerged a year a two ago and looks as if it is here to stay.  I found these pieces by pair of sisters called Me & Lex .  Their favorite phrase "we like to pile on the good stuff" and boy do they ever! They make jewelry from vintage finds.  They are pros at layering jewelry that makes a huge impact.  If you ever need inspiration on how to layer, stack Me & Lex are your girls.  In the words of  Me & Lex go ahead "frost yourself".  I don't mind if I do!

 Below: BLK and Noir Memento Mori Skull Bead Bracelet you can find here, the rest are vintage and flea market finds
Ta Da! Happy Friday  Love MeandLex
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  1. oh wow! I NEED ALL OF THEM!
    These girls are amazing!

    1. Me too girl. The creativity blows me away. I would never think to put stuff together like that.

  2. I LOVE statement necklaces, they are so bold and important!

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