Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In WIth The Nude

A pop of color is currently on trend. However, if you ask me there is nothing trendier than a nude nail.  Nude nails have gotten as matchy as foundation which is awesome!  There are dead ringer shades for every complexion from alabaster to ebony.  Here are a few nude colors that make my nail beds swoon:

/ 1MAC 'Skin' Nail Lacquer / 2 HIPP X RGB Nail Foundation /
 /3 Dior 'Nude Collection' Vernis NaiL Lacquer  
/ 4 Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer Nail Polish - Cocoa Suede  / 
/ 5 Rococo Nail Apparel Foundation avail @ / 6 Lippmann Collection Naked /
/ 7 OPI Samoan Sand avail @ /
Me sporting Samoan Sand by OPI

Here is a video to help you choose a nude shade that is ideal for your complexion.

 photo Signature_zpsc7225a01.png


  1. I really love the color that's on your nails. I like to have color on my nails but I'm much more drawn to nude colors and just clear gloss.

    *visiting from Lovely Blog Hop*

    1. Hey Carla! I am wearing samoan sand by OPI on my nails. I like color too but in my profession it will chip in a heart beat and I find that my hands look better in nudes