Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hey Finesses! Have you ever sat down and thought what is my purpose in life?  What is my passion?  Finding and claiming something you love will have an amazing effect on your life.  Here are questions to ask yourself to help you find your passion:

  • TAKE TALLY OF YOUR TALENTS:  What are you naturally good at that you don't mind doing.  Discovering these things is a great way to unearth potential passion.  Please note that you don't have to be good at something to be passionate about it for it to qualify as passion.  You don't ever have to earn a penny either.  Talent is simply a clue to a possibilities.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO WHO OR WHAT MAKES YOU JEALOUS OR ANNOYED:  Upon closer inspection, is it that you wish you could live your life in that fashion?  Whether we like to accept it or not, we are often envious of the people that are living out our passions. 
  • WHAT DID YOU LOVE TO DO AS A CHILD:  This may be the easiest way to unearth your passion.  Before the big people get to them, most children know exactly who they are and what makes them happiest.  Obsessed with animals--veterinarian, Dress Up- sign up for acting classes in your free time.  Finger painting-sign up for art classes. Sang all the time? Join a church choir
  • WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHEN YOU LOSE TRACK OF TIME, OR WHAT DO YOU HATE TO STOP DOING:  No brainer guess it is something that you have full fledge passion for.
Finally open your self to the possibility.  Don't be afraid to get it wrong.  Look at  your search for passion as an adventurous journey.  You will learn more about yourself and grow.  Take note of what you loved and made you feel like a kid again.  Now go find your PASSION, because a passionate life is a #finessedlife!!!!

As I live life, my passions evolve but these seem to be constant

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  1. These are really great tips for finding your passion. I love your collage of constant passion. I can really identify. #MBC

  2. AWESOME that you inspired others to dig into their passions! Thanks for that Veronica! Very creative and I love the pictures. Your creativity shines in your posts!

  3. Veronica I love this! I need to tweet this..."PAY ATTENTION TO WHO OR WHAT MAKES YOU JEALOUS OR ANNOYED." That speaks volumes. While people may hate to admit that they are jealous of another I think we all have a few people who we give the side eye to. For some it's Beyonce. For others is Susie next door. I going to use this post to do some self evaluation. Glad to link up with you! #MBC Andrea @

    1. Thanks Be-Q! Tweet on honey! Please refer to the blog or my twit handle in it @veroalbe. That would be awesome.

      It's hard for people to own up to their jealousy and envy. An older person that is very dear to me said this to me when I was trying to find my way and it stuck with me forever and it has been so valuable.