Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Are We There Yet?" Surviving Road Trips With Children.

Hey Finessess!  Road tripping with children is by no means easy.  Here are a few items that I plan to have on board to make it the process less painful.

  1. Apple iPad -Tons of Apps to keep the lil busy
  2.  VTech InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet  is an innovative learning tablet for kids. This learning tablet is a great device to encourage interactive learning for your child.
  3. Maddy decorates the car windows with these bright, removable Window Art Sticker by Alex Zoom
  4. Volume limiting headphones to keep those tiny ears safe from noise pollutionVTech Headphones - White
  5. Fisher-Price Cheer for Me Potty Acts as my portable potty for times when there is no rest stop in sight (or it is just too filthy to deal with a toddler in-yuck).
  6. Winx Club DVD don't know why but she can watch this video repeatedly for hours!!! Yes!
  7. Crayola Color Wonder Disney Princess and The Frog Coloring Pad and Markers For my budding artist.
  8. Boon Cargo Snack Box, White/ Aqua This cargo snack box has organized sections that makes necessary feeding of the animals mobile.
  9. Apple MacBook Pro  Loaded with games and doubles as a DVD player, and yes this 3rd device is ABSOLUTELY necessary and mommy's iPhone too.  Besides I'm addicted to er uh passionate about blogging so there!

    What will you pack for your road trips?

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  1. So funny that you should post this. Alia can't even go with me to the grocery store without asking to be accompanied by some form of technology LOL! But you know when we take those trips to Michigan I make sure to pack the iPad, Disney Princess DVD player, my iPhone, PB&J, and any other thing I can stuff into a bag to keep her in a zone.

    Great post!!!