Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bills Bills Bills :(

Like most youngish couples, the Mr. and I acquired each others debt when we got married.  Unfortunately, my man got a bad wrap in this one.  I have a six figure student loan balance (cue Norman Bates Music).

One day while surfing the web,  I found debt reduction software that promises living paycheck to paycheck does not have to be a reality.

I figured, I've  spent more money on food than the cost of this program sooo why not?  Turns out the software was awesome.  It's so informative. With this debt reduction program I was able to:

  • To determine how long it will take to become debt free and how much I'd pay in interest by    making the minimum monthly payments
  • You can choose the order in which debt is paid down and the software will tell you what payments to make how much and when.
  • There are 3 reductions schedules, highest interest rate paid first, timed debt reduction, or loan consolidation terms.
  • You can crunch the numbers.  This means you get to play "what if" scenarios with your debts to see the effect of different options, extra payments etc.
This software has enabled me to truly FINESSE my finances!  I want to help you too.  The key is to follow the program I set up for you and do not acquire new debt.  My fee is very generous in comparison to other programs out there.  Email me at for details.


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