Monday, February 18, 2013

Living Room Makeover

I am in the process of updating my living area.  Here is a photo of how it used to look.  I know, I know the quality of the pic is horrible. Blogging just wasn't on the radar when I took this...

This is the look I am going for...

Here is the room so far....

Thinking of this area rug or this one.  Still need the lumbar pillow (see above).

Wall unit (old) smilar here and mirrors.  

Back Wall.  Future Site of dining area. (Perhaps I should've arrange the accessories for the pic -_-)

These are the things I'm up in the air about in that room:
  • Dinings tables; considering this one or this one
  • Dining chairs I want a pair of option1 or option2.
  • Settee on the back wall as dining seating (if spacing permits) option 1, or option2.
  • May replace current floor lamp in pic #3 with this really cool lamp.
  • Family black and white photographs stacked between patio doors and window.
More to come as I finesse this room.  Bye for now;-) and thanks for joining me on the journey.

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