Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sometimes You Just Do and Hope it Rubs Off

Whew it's day six of Joi's Mini Blog Challenge and I'm still here!  If you follow me, then you know this is major that I have blogged 6 days straight.  Today's challenge is to discuss what your family thinks of your blog.

Mom & Dad
Right off the bat I knew my mom and dad would support and/or read MyFineessedLife.  My dad supports, mom reads and supports.  Their support was a given. If I told them I wanted to sell bacteria to a germaphobe they'd tell me I'm crazy, but cheer me on nonetheless.  That's the type of parents they are.  They ride or die.  As a result I have a strong sense of loyalty and  it is one of the more important qualities that I look for in people that I keep close to me.  Do they get it?  Absolutely not, but it won't stop them from supporting.

My Brother
While he may be as ride or die as mom or dad, he is not reading ish!  LOLBVS.  He subscribed and that's about it.  His motto "GET THAT PAPER SIS" and don't let it interfere with my free dental work.

My Daughter
Mommy I will help you. 
You should make it pink.
Mommy please write about Cinderella and sparkles.

My Husband
The hubs thinks my blog is awesome and encourages me to do it more. Additionally, he gifted a blog makeover to me. I was so touched that he offered to pay to do it.  It's the little stuff like that shows me he is in it for the long haul.  He states it is the perfect outlet for my creative side. He often suggests, that I should post more about design, home life, decor and my DIY's.  He's right but I never remember to take pics!  A room makeover w/o pics just doesn't work.  Here are some projects that I've done or have going here and here.

All in all, I get nothing but love and support from my family.  When I first started blogging, I posted my intentions (see here).  In addition to reasons listed on my very first post, I would love for this blog to branch into some sort of e-commerce. I've always been willing to try things and fail where as, my family not so much.  I really hope it inspires them to think outside of the box and do something. Thus the name of this post.

TTYL and thnx for reading.

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  1. Love that your husband paid for a blog makeover. That IS super sweet!!

  2. Wonderful support you have from the family, Veronica! That's so very encouraging. I can imagine how much the blog makeover meant to you, too.

    1. Alison it was one of the best gifts ever!!!